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Multiple Health Condition Sufferer Receives Conflicting Medical Diagnoses

Multiple Health Condition Sufferer Receives Conflicting Medical Advice

When Paul Froggett, a 48 year old engineer from Leeds, started having serious pains in his side earlier this year, he knew something was very wrong.

Paul wearing his ID band bracelet

Paul wearing his ID band bracelet

Upon being taken to A&E, he was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and a pulmonary embolism (PE). DVT is when blood clots form in the deeper veins of the body, occurring in places such as the legs, thighs and pelvis. Small pieces of these clots can break off and travel back to the heart through these deep veins, eventually ending up in the arteries of the lung, which is known as a PE.

Pulmonary embolisms occur in 30% of people with DVT, and cause 60,000 deaths annually, many of them unrecognized and labelled as heart attacks.

As well as this, Paul also suffers from asthma, which he’s had since 1971.

A Struggle to be Diagnosed

Paul struggled at first to get a diagnosis from doctors about his side pains.

“They hadn’t a clue about the PE and DVT when I talked to them about my symptoms before going to hospital. According to the doctors it was a pulled muscle in my side and physiotherapy would sort it out.

“After going to hospital I was given a chest x-ray and dye was put into my body to prove the clots were there.”

It took three days to receive a proper diagnosis for his PE and a prescription for Rivaroxaban, a blood thinner that stops blood clotting.

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