90% of Asthma-Related Deaths Could be Prevented

90% of Asthma Deaths could be Prevented

In the UK, there are 5.4 million people living with asthma. That means this long-term condition affects one in five households.

According to Asthma UK, the leading charity for asthma sufferers, an estimated 90% of asthma-related deaths could be prevented and a further 75% of hospital admissions could be avoided. To help raise awareness this important issue, we’ve produced the following infographic.

How to Prevent an Asthma Attack

asthma infographic

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If you’re on the right asthma treatment and always keep your medication with you, the chances of having an attack are dramatically reduced. Your inhaler should stop an asthma attack occurring, but if symptoms persist, urgent action is needed.

How to tell when you’re having an attack:

  • – Your inhaler isn’t relieving your symptoms.
  • – You have to keep taking your inhaler as the effects wear off quickly.
  • – Your symptoms begin to worsen.
  • – You’re too breathless to sleep, speak or eat.

Most sufferers who have an asthma attack will have a warning sign a few days before. This often includes having to use your blue inhaler more often.

It’s important not to ignore these signs as they can indicate that your asthma control is weak, meaning you’re at high risk of an attack.

Changes in your peak flow meter readings (devices which measure your airflow) are another common warning. When these signs occur, you should follow your personal asthma action plan. If they continue, book an appointment with your GP or asthma nurse. Visit the NHS asthma guidance page for more information on what to do if you have an attack.

Asthma Action Plans

asthma hospital admissions

Studies have shown that having a personal action plan is one of the most effective ways of controlling asthma for both adults and children. You can write a plan with the help of your doctor or asthma nurse. Forms can be ordered from the Asthma UK website.

With a specially designed plan, you’ll be able to tell when your asthma symptoms are getting worse. It can also tell you what to do if you have an asthma attack, and provide emergency information.

This allows you to gain better control over your condition and alter medication when needed – with the help of your doctor. Plans for adults should be reviewed with your GP annually, and every six months for children.

1 in 11 Children have Asthma

children with asthma

The UK has a higher proportion of children with asthma than anywhere else in the world. A child is admitted to hospital every 18 minutes because of this serious condition.

Asthma is by far one of the most common long-term medical conditions among children. According to Asthma UK, there are two children with asthma in every UK classroom.

Although a lifelong condition, if you or your child is diagnosed you can still lead a full, active lifestyle providing your conditions are managed effectively.

It’s important to also ensure that your child’s school or nursery understands their asthma condition. This includes information about their medication, such as how often they need to take it and when.

Staff should also have written details about asthma triggers, and know how to spot an attack. More details on how to work in partnership with your child’s school or nursery can be found here.

Help us Raise Awareness

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