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Asthma Steroid Causes Anaphylaxis in Young Boy

Harry’s Story:

Young boy with medication allergies

After a terrifying ordeal, Denise from Southampton is now a passionate advocate of allergy alert wristbands.

The mother of one had a nightmare experience when her three-year-old son Harry suffered the shocking effects of a steroid administered in hospital.

Little Harry suffers from seasonal asthma and is in hospital about twice a year with the condition. On a routine visit two months ago Harry was put on a nebuliser – a machine that creates a mist of medicine that’s breathed in through a mask.


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Leading a Normal Family Life with Food Allergies

children with food allergies

Rachel Burkinshaw, 37, from Somerset, is determined to make life as normal as possible for her two children (pictured right) who both have food allergies.

Ten-year-old Grace was diagnosed with gluten and milk allergies when she was a baby and is used to life with a restricted diet.

Eight-year-old Morgan has Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease, a rare bowel condition that’s closely linked with severe allergies. Rachel also has Type 1 diabetes, while her husband is lactose intolerant.

Here she tells us how the family don’t let their allergies and medical conditions get in the way of doing the things they love.

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Advice on Children’s Allergies with Dr David Cremonesini

How to Manage Allergies in Children

Dr David CremonesiniDr David Cremonesini is a consultant paediatrician specialising in allergies and respiration. His private children’s clinics located in Huntington, Milton Keynes and Oxford offer allergy testing, immunotherapy and general paediatrics.

He also takes part in regular Q and A sessions on Netmums, where parents can post their questions for him to answer.

Here he offers his expert advice on effective allergy management.

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