How to Have A Healthier Easter Weekend: food and gift ideas

Easter Eggs at The ID Band CompanyIf you’re trying to be healthier, Easter can be a hard time to stay on the straight and narrow, but you don’t have to feel left out. Try our tips for a healthier Easter weekend that’s fun and family friendly.

  • Start your day the eggcellent way

Start your day with a healthy breakfast of eggs. For a number of years eggs were thought to be bad for you due to their high cholesterol levels, but recently saturated fat has been shown to be more likely to raise your overall cholesterol levels. Eggs are very high in nutrients such as vitamins A, E and B12, plus they’re nearly all protein which helps to keep you full for longer.

  • Have a spring themed lunch

If you’re hosting family or friends this Easter weekend, go for a healthier take on Easter lunch. A roast lamb joint or tagine with couscous, green vegetables or salad makes for a delicious lunch that’s perfect for sharing. For pudding, try a healthier twist on a classic – apple or rhubarb crumble made with oats and less sugar in the crumble topping will be a winner all round. Or try the fruits stewed with some natural yoghurt and sprinkle of granola

  • Get hopping outside

Get yourself outside after lunch to enjoy the fresh spring air. Go for a walk or bike ride in a park or visit some nearby lambs. If you’re entertaining, why not organise some Easter competitions such as egg rolling, egg hunt or egg and spoon races? They’re a fun way to get everyone involved and you can use hard boiled eggs in the competitions instead of chocolate ones.

  • Ditch the chocolate

For something more meaningful then the usual chocolate eggs, nothing beats a homemade gift. Blown out or hard boiled eggs can be decorated to make pretty house gifts, and personalised Easter bunny jars are handy for storage. Daffodils are a cheap way to brighten up a home and if you can’t live without some Easter treats, try some reduced sugar cookies or cupcakes. You can easily tweak these for any allergies or dislikes, and they look very professional when wrapped.