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Fainting Episode Leads to Health Condition Diagnosis

Fainting Episode Caused by a Serious Health Condition

When Cath Atkin, from the Dumfries in Scotland, had a fainting episode in the shower whilst on holiday, she didn’t recognise the symptoms of a stroke.

Cath Atkin with her ID Band bracelet

Cath Atkin with her ID Band bracelet

“I was washing my hair when a rustling sound, like a crisp bag, went off in the right side of my head. I grabbed the shower rail because I felt like I was being pulled out of the shower and I thought I was going to faint.

“Once it stopped I tried to finish rinsing my hair but my left arm was dead and had no feeling. It was similar to when you fall asleep on your arm, with no sensation or power. I used my right arm to lift my left arm up to my hair but it would just flop down. After a couple of times doing this I suddenly had to hang on to the rail again. I can remember being scared but I never thought to shout for help.

“I eventually finished in the shower. My arm was still weak but I didn’t have the completely dead feeling like earlier and I was exhausted. It still never occurred to me something serious had happened. I didn’t recognise the symptoms and neither did my friend. We called the hotel doctor and after a quick examination he deduced that I’d had a stroke.”

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