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Can Yoga Help Cancer Patients as a Complementary Therapy?

Can Yoga Help Cancer? This Charity Says ‘Yes’

Executive Director Sue

Executive Director Sue

Yoga is a form of gentle exercise that incorporates stretching postures and breathing techniques to improve your mental wellbeing, flexibility and physical health. The practice started in India at least 5,000 years ago and has evolved into a popular pastime.

Sue De Cesare is Executive Director of the cancer care charity, Yes To Life, which offers numerous yoga workshops for cancer patients.

“Yes to Life is the UK’s integrative cancer care charity. We provide support, information and financial assistance to those with cancer seeking to pursue approaches that are currently unavailable on the NHS. By integrative we mean using the best of orthodox, complementary and alternative medicine combined, so more people have the best chance of reclaiming their health. We aim to change attitudes based on evidence and the personal experiences of thousands of people we have been able to help since the charity started 10 years ago.

“We also run a series of workshops and seminars which are open to members of the public and practitioners who are keen to understand more about the options available for people with cancer.” Read more