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Seizures, Wheelchairs & Mobility Problems – Tips for Carers

Seizures and Limited Mobility

Managing health conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy is difficult at the best of times, but for people with restricted mobility it can present even more of a challenge. Using a wheelchair, hoist or stair lift means a fit can have dramatic effects on you and people around you.

Speak to your GP or health specialist to put together a care plan, including information about the best way for carers or other people to help you if you have a seizure. In this article, we outline some general first aid tips.


wheelchair userIf someone you know has a seizure in a wheelchair, the most important thing to remember is to NOT restrict or restrain their movements. This can lead to an injury such as torn muscles, or in severe cases, broken bones.

Put the wheelchair’s brakes on to stop them moving, and if they’re buckled into a seatbelt or waist harness, leave it fastened. Other straps such as for arms, chest or legs should left undone to give them free movement. Read more