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How to Manage Your Diet After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Carol after surgery

Carol after surgery

Food writer Carol Bowen Ball has over 35 years experience in the food arena, and since her own weight loss surgery in 2009 she has turned her hand to bariatric cookery. Here she discusses her journey and gives her tips for managing your diet after surgery.

A Life of Diets

“One glimpse at my before and after photos shows something of my staggering weight-loss. However what they don’t tell you is how I did it. For over the years, I had yo-yoed my way through countless diets, some sensible, some crazy, and lost the same pounds over and over again. I became something of a diet ‘expert’ by nature of the fact that I had tried them all! But here’s the spoiler – they all ultimately failed because, for every pound I lost, I then gained back again and sometimes with some additional ones for company. So why did this one last? The answer lies in the procedure and tool that I used.

“Many will know this simply as weight-loss surgery and relate to it via celebrity stories of weight-loss with gastric bands. Mine was a little more complex and radical because it was gastric bypass surgery and involved re-routing of my gastric tract and reducing my stomach to one the size of an egg, and is irreversible. I was therefore able to lose weight by two proven methods; restriction with a reduced sized-stomach (which means I can’t eat as much); and reduced food absorption (my digestive system has been shortened so that whatever I eat isn’t fully absorbed). In a nutshell this means I have been able to lose about 100 lbs in weight, and more importantly for me, sustain it for almost 6 years. There are other surgeries such as lap band, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, and even more invasive such as duodenal switch, available for patients and surgeons to consider in consultation together that work in similar ways.” Read more