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Living with Dextrocardia and Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Managing a Rare Heart Condition

Leanne Yates

Pictured above: Leanne Yates

Dextrocardia is a rare heart condition that affects less than 1% of the population. It’s a congenital disease, which means it’s present at birth due to problems during fetal development.

There are different types of Dextrocardia that affect the body in various ways. In some cases, the heart is on the right-hand side of the body and flipped over, which is sometimes referred to as ‘mirror image’. In more severe cases, other organs in the body are also affected and positioned incorrectly.

Although it’s rare, if it’s only the heart which is impacted by mirror image, it can still function normally.

The causes of Dextrocardia are currently unknown, however, if other problems are apparent like lung and chest defects, it can have an impact on the way the heart develops.

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Reversed Heart, Situs Inversus and Dextrocardia

Is Your Heart In The Right Place?

heart and lungsThere are some genetic conditions that literally change the layout of your internal organs, including the heart. While rare, many of the people affected by these conditions don’t even know it.

One of these conditions is situs inversus, which causes the internal organs in the upper half of the body (chest and abdomen) to be on the opposite side, in a mirror image of the normal positioning. The liver and stomach, for example, switch position, while the left lung and left atrium of the heart are found on the right hand side. Read more

Heart Conditions Shouldn’t Stop You Getting back in the Saddle

David Neeson, 67 from Kent doesn’t let his heart condition stop him from cycling and raising money to help others with the condition.

Father and Son Heart Attacks

David’s son Paul suffered a heart attack and had stents fitted in 2013. Being a keen cyclist, David used his passion for a good cause. “I did my first sportive in the New Forrest in 2013 in aid of the BHF after my son had his heart attack. I did this through the just giving site and raised over £800.”

David with his wife Jennifer, son Paul and daughter Andrea

Pictured above: David with his wife Jennifer, son Paul and daughter Andrea

With two more races lined up for 2014, including the famous Pari-Rouix, David unfortunately suffered his own heart attack in March 2014.

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