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Medical Detection Dogs work in aid of diabetes sufferers

From the 1st April – 4th May is National Pet Month, which celebrates all the joys animals bring to our lives. The charity aims to promote responsible pet ownership and raise awareness about the benefits of having animals, plus the value of working pets to society.

Each year the charity has a different theme, which their numerous fundraising events are based around. This year it’s ‘Pets and the Elderly: Enjoying Later Years Together.’

Dogs – Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have been hailed as man’s best friend for years and some are being trained to go even further in their ability to help their owners. Medical assistance dogs are specially trained to aid humans who suffer from a range of conditions such as physical disabilities, mental health issues, epilepsy and diabetes. Some are even being trained to detect early forms of cancerous cells.

A Medical Detection Dog

A Medical Detection Dog

Cancer Detection

Dr Claire Guest is Director of Operations and co-founder of Medical Detection Dogs. She set up the foundation in 2008 after her previous work showed that dogs could be trained to recognise certain smells, including cancerous cells.

“I knew we had a brilliant solution to early cancer detection using the amazing smelling power of dogs.  I was determined to take it to the point where we started putting the science into practice and saving lives.”

Jobi, a cancer detection dog

Jobi, a cancer detection dog

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