The Best Diabetes Blogs of 2017

Top Diabetes Blogs of 2017

The Best Diabetes Blogs of 2017

Diabetes is becoming increasingly common. In 2015, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK was estimated at 3.8 million, set to rise to 4.9 million by 2035. Pre-diabetes, a metabolic condition closely linked to obesity, is also becoming more common, with nearly three million people in the UK being affected. If pre-diabetes is left untreated, it can lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are serious conditions, which currently have no cure. Although the conditions are different, they both need to be managed correctly to prevent further health complications.

If you’re living with diabetes, you’ll understand that it’s a life-changing condition. We’ve sourced the best diabetes blogs, all offering a wide range of articles and resources. Take a look at our favourites, which feature content on personal stories, research, treatments and recipes.

Bitter Sweet

Bitter SweetKaren was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just 11 years old, so she knows a lot about the condition. Bitter Sweet started in 2008 and covers what life is like with diabetes. Check out her blog to read about her relatable personal experiences and how she overcomes challenges.

Every Day Ups and Downs, A Diabetes Blog

Every Day Ups and DownsIf you want to keep up-to-date with the latest diabetes treatments and gadgets, Every Day Ups and Downs is the perfect blog for you. It focuses on Mike’s experience with Type 1 diabetes. Sometimes his family members post a thing or two, which is great if you want to find out how diabetes could affect those closest to you.


DiabetesaliciousnessKelly has been living with diabetes for over 30 years, and a number of her family members have also been diagnosed. Being able to experience diabetes first-hand as well as through her family has given Kelly a unique perspective. From craving carbs to documenting her duties as a diabetes advocate, the Diabetesaliciousness blog has a lot to offer.

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UKThe UK’s leading diabetes charity, Diabetes UK has a large library of articles written by guest bloggers. They feature diabetic bloggers of all ages, so you’re bound to find someone to relate to. Plus, they also have a collection of diabetes research blogs, so you can keep up-to-date with recent findings.

The Healthy Diabetic

the healthy diabeticDan is diabetic and a fitness enthusiast. He wants to educate people with real diabetes facts. If you’re newly diagnosed, The Healthy Diabetic is a great place to learn the basics with informative posts like; “What is Insulin?”, “How to Test Your Blood Glucose” and “My Top 20 Tips for Living with Diabetes”.

Six Until Me

Six Until MeKerri started Six Until Me in 2005. Diagnosed at six years old, she has spent the majority of her life with diabetes. Her blog covers; medications and treatments, pregnancy and diabetes, and even recipe ideas. Kerri is a great storyteller – her posts are honest, emotional, and most of all, relatable.

Diabetes Daily

Diabetes DailyDiabetes Daily was launched in 2005 and has articles on every diabetes-related topic imaginable. Whether you want to research medications, or you’re simply after a diabetic-friendly recipe, this would be a great blog for you.

Diabetes Sisters

Diabetes SistersDiabetes Sisters is home to a network of women, who share their diabetes stories. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or pregnant and have diabetes, you’ll find the comfort you’re looking for here. They have guest bloggers who post for 3-6 months, allowing you to get to know them and their story.

A Sweet Life

A Sweet LifeA Sweet Life is run by husband and wife, Mike and Jessica, who have both been diagnosed with diabetes. They want to reach out to the diabetic community and share their lifestyle as healthy diabetics. If you want the latest diabetes news, healthy recipes or information on gadgets and tech, check out A Sweet Life.


dLifedLife is a diabetes website dedicated to providing practical solutions for diabetes management. If you’ve struggled to maintain a suitable diet since your diabetes diagnosis, then you will find dLife very helpful! Find everything from diabetic recipes to weight loss tips and blood glucose testing.

If your favourite diabetes blog isn’t on this list, please comment the name and website below. We’d love to hear from you!


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