Who Needs to Wear Medical ID Jewellery?

Do I Need to Wear Medical ID?

Wearing medical ID is recommended if you suffer from a chronic illness or serious allergies. In an emergency, your medical ID can communicate your vital information to medical professionals on your behalf. It’s designed to be instantly identifiable, and usually features the universal medical symbol or an SOS talisman capsule.

Universal Medical Symbol and SOS Talisman Capsule

Paramedics are trained to search for medical ID when they arrive at the scene of a medical emergency. Being able to identify your condition quickly ensures the correct treatment is administered and complications can be avoided.

Diagnosed with an Illness

Receiving a diagnosisDo you have an illness that can potentially lead to a critical medical situation at any time? If the answer is yes, it’s likely that you should be wearing medical ID.

For example, if you have epilepsy you could have an unexpected seizure. Or, if you have Type 1 diabetes, you could have low blood glucose, which can be serious if it isn’t dealt with quickly.

Lots of illnesses share the same symptoms. Displaying your medical condition reduces the risk of misdiagnosis in an emergency and allows paramedics to treat you efficiently.

Does Your Illness Require Regular Medication?

Whether you take one type of medication or several, it’s essential to display this information on your person. If there’s a complication with your condition while you’re out and about, the first response team will be able to administer the correct medication. Plus, it ensures that you’re not given any drugs which could react dangerously with your regular medication.

If you’re taking multiple medications, it’s important that you list as many as possible on your medical jewellery, in priority order. You could include any additional information on a medical ID card.

Allergy Sufferers

Allergy Alert! Use Epi-penIf you use an EpiPen, you should have this information displayed on your medical ID. This will let others know to look for one on your person.

Allergy alert ID will also prevent medication you’re allergic to being administered.

Medical ID for Children

Asthma Medical IDDoes your child have a medical condition or an allergy? Purchasing medical ID jewellery for your little one will give you peace of mind. It’s important that your child displays their medical details in case there’s an emergency while they’re at school or out with friends. If you’re not around and your child can’t communicate about their condition, their medical ID can do it on their behalf.

The ID Band Company

Medical ID necklaceWe have a huge range of medical ID jewellery that you will love to wear. Our medical ID bracelets and necklaces allow you display your condition effectively to keep you safe in an emergency.




The information in our blog articles is for personal use only and not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment plans. We are not medical health practitioners or mental health providers. If you’re worried about a potential medical condition, contact your GP or call an ambulance in an emergency situation.